AR1-Glasses are lightweight and fashionable augmented reality glasses that provide users with an ultimate mixed reality experience.  They are designed to be more immersive and run on an intuitive Big Brain operating system.  The glasses are still a work in progress we hope to complete by December of 2019.

Road Buddy

Road Buddy is a heads up driver navigation system for augmented reality glasses. Driver’s can safely reach their destination with turn-by-turn directions overlaid on the road. It’s even safe to read texts. Drivers can see roadside attractions, information about the area, gas stations, restaurants, and other interesting things. 

OS 1

OS 1 is an operating system  for augmented reality glasses. It offers device manufacturers an inexpensive all inclusive range of consumer and business applications to ship with their products. Application developers can design games and applications that run in designated locations in a more organized and controlled landscape.

Journey X

Journey X is a complicated, in progress, augmented reality game that makes players feel like they are living a real adventure. You really do see monsters and treasures all around you integrated into your surroundings as if in a dream. You can battle creatures, learn magic, and search for castles. There is always something new and interesting to see and do. 

Teams & Open Positions

Find all our available positions below. Expect a response within 24 hours.

Content and Development


Senior Game Designer

We’re looking for a senior game designer to design and implement gameplay systems for our next big VR game. The senior designer will work closely with creative leadership to develop game systems and mechanics from concept to release. 

Senior 3D Artist/Generalist

As a Senior 3D Artist on the Big Brain team, you’ll be working closely with the art director and content team as a Swiss army knife tasked with authoring props, weapons, environment objects, prototype content, environment set dressing, UI objects, and more.

Senior Gameplay Engineer

We are looking for a Senior Gameplay Engineer to work with a small team on an exciting unannounced VR title. As a Gameplay Engineer at Big Brain you would work closely with all disciplines to help design and implement gameplay systems in our titles. If you’ve been looking for the chance to work elbow to elbow with some of this industry’s fiercest contributors in a nimble, quality-driven environment, this is it!

Senior VFX Artist

As a Senior VFX Artist at Big Brain, you’ll be working with a small, capable game development team delivering cutting edge visual effects to an exciting, unannounced VR title. 

Sales and Administrative



We are looking for experience sales representatives who want to sell augmented reality products and services to North American companies. 




CRM/SEO Managament

We are looking for professional qualified CRM and SEO managers to join the company,


Are you experience with After Effects and Premeire Pro? We need a good videographer to help with our projects.


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